SHTHPN Organic White Sorghum Grain Spawn 250kg: Bulk Supply for Serious Cultivators

Scale Your Operations: Elevate your mushroom cultivation business with our Organic
White Sorghum Grain Spawn in a substantial 250kg package. This offering consists of 250
individual 1kg bags, crafted for professional cultivators aiming to expand their operations
efficiently and effectively.

Customizable to Fit Your Needs: Understanding that every cultivation project is unique, we
offer the flexibility to customize the volume of each bag according to your specific
requirements. Whether you need larger or smaller quantities, contact us to tailor your order
to perfectly match your cultivation strategy.

Professional Grade Quality: Aimed at professionals, this bulk option ensures that you can
focus on the nuances of mushroom cultivation while leaving the most complex part—the
preparation of high-quality, sterile grain spawn—to us. This allows you to manage other
critical aspects of your business without compromise.

Exclusive YieldPlus Supplements: Each bag of our Organic White Sorghum Grain Spawn
is enhanced with our proprietary YieldPlus supplements. These are designed to accelerate
colonization and boost yields, giving you a significant advantage in both the speed and
volume of mushroom production.

Unmatched Service and Speed: SHITHPN is the only company that can deliver such a
specialized product with a swift turnaround time. We are committed to supporting your
business’s growth by providing prompt, reliable service and products that meet the highest
standards of quality.

Elevate Your Cultivation Game: With SHITHPN’s bulk grain spawn, professional cultivators
can achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency. Our product is not just a component;
it’s a strategic advantage that helps you stay ahead in the competitive field of mushroom

  • Bio white sorghum grain 94%
  • Gypsum 5%
  • Yeldplus 1%
  • Moisture 50-58 %
  • Ph 5.5 -6.5


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