Premium Foundation for Mushroom Cultivation: Introducing our Organic Rye Grain Spawn, the perfect base for those seeking to cultivate mushrooms with precision and personal touch. Made from the highest quality organic rye, this grain spawn offers a different texture and nutrient profile compared to our sorghum-based spawn, potentially influencing the growth characteristics and yield of your mushrooms.


Tailor Your Growth: Like our White Sorghum Grain Spawn, this rye-based spawn is not pre-inoculated, providing you the freedom to use your preferred fungal cultures. Whether you’re working with agar cultures, liquid inoculants, or spore syringes, our Organic Rye Grain Spawn is ready to become the bedrock of your cultivation project.


Explore Magic Spore’s Selection: To ensure the best results, visit our partners at Magic Spore Shop for a variety of high-quality spores. Their extensive selection offers everything you need to kickstart your cultivation with confidence.


Optimized for Grain-to-Grain Transfers: Ideal for both beginners and advanced cultivators, this grain spawn is not only perfect for starting new projects but also excellent for grain-to-grain transfers. This method allows for rapid expansion of your mycelium, saving time and enhancing the efficiency of your mushroom production.


SHITHPN’s Commitment to Quality: Prepared in our state-of-the-art ISO 1000 clean room and sterilized using pure spring water, our rye grain spawn meets the highest standards of cleanliness and viability. We handle the complexities of spawn preparation, so you can focus on the rewarding part of mushroom cultivation.


Empower Your Cultivation Journey: With SHITHPN Organic Rye Grain Spawn, take control of your mushroom cultivation. It’s designed for those who value customization and want to explore the nuances of different grain types in their growing practices. Perfect for cultivators looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible in mushroom cultivation.


  • Bio Rye grain 94%
  • Gypsum 5%
  • Yeldplus 1%
  • Moisture 50-58 %
  • Ph 5.5 -6.5


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