About us

Shithpn visioners, design freaks, and of course mushrooms lovers! We want to make the mushroom study available for everyone. We offer You perfect peace to help Your study performance that you most want to see.

We have taken substrate production to another level for you to focus only on growing and developing higher quality yields and maintaining the strong genetic line. All substrate recipes are the results of almost two years of trials and close work with magicspore group. We have decided to collaborate with them for all our spores and grow kits that will be covered with guaranteed results.

All our substrates are produced in room Class 1000 ISO6, with 4800m3 per/h of filtered air through higher quality HEPA filters. We use a professional autoclave: Priorclave SH700-PERFORMANCE vacuum sterilizers that allow us to achieve 250 kg of substrate per cycle.

Don’t worry about taking a loss when You use Shithpn. Any issue will be replaced with photo evidence. We have under 1% of damaged parcels due to transportation. Like no one else we keep track of every bag we produce using QR codes.

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