Instant Start with Full Automation: Unwrap and grow with our ready-to-use, fully automatic sorghum grow kit. Pre-inoculated and combined with 0.75kg of white sorghum and 0.75kg of exotic manure mix compost, it brings simplicity to your mushroom cultivation journey.


Remarkable Variety & Customization: In collaboration with Magic Spore, we offer a wide array of the latest and most popular magic mushroom strains. Visit Magic Spore to pick your preferred strain, along with two alternate choices, ensuring that you get exactly the type of mushrooms you desire.


Simple Yet Effective Process: Once the grain is fully colonized – typically within 7-10 days of arrival – you just need to gently mix and knead the bag’s contents for even distribution, without opening it.


Impressive Yields: Expect abundant harvests from our kit, with yields of around 1000 wet( 100 grams of dried shrooms), achieved through our unique blend of exotic compost and patented supplements.


Ideal for Every Cultivator: Whether you are a beginner and don’t know how to grow mushrooms or an experienced grower, our magic mushroom grow kit is designed to make cultivation accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Eco-Friendly and Safe: Produced with the utmost regard for the environment and safety, our kits are sterilized in an ISO 1000 clean room using spring water from our uncontaminated well. This dedication ensures the highest quality and purity for your growing experience.

Just maintain 22-24 degrees and they fly.


  • Bio white sorghum grain 94%
  • Gypsum 5%
  • Yeldplus 1%
  • Moisture 50-58 %
  • Ph 5.5 -6.5


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