Ultimate Flexibility in Mushroom Cultivation: Our Organic White Sorghum Grain Spawn offers an unmatched level of customization for your mushroom cultivation projects. This premium, sterilized sorghum bag serves as a blank canvas, giving you the freedom to introduce your choice of fungal culture, whether from agar plates, liquid cultures, or spore syringes.


Partnering with Magic Spore: While the choice of spores is yours, we recommend exploring the wide selection of high-quality spores available at our partner, Magic Spore Shop. Their extensive range ensures you find the perfect strain to meet your cultivation needs.


Grain-to-Grain Transfer Ready: Designed with versatility in mind, our grain spawn is ideal for grain-to-grain transfers. This allows seasoned cultivators to multiply their mycelium with ease, ensuring a continuous and efficient production cycle and superior yields.


The SHITHPN Assurance: Preparing grain spawn requires precision and sterile conditions, which is why we’ve taken care of this crucial step for you. Our Organic White Sorghum Grain Spawn is prepared under the highest standards in our ISO 1000 clean room, using pure spring water from our uncontaminated well. This meticulous preparation ensures your cultivation starts on the right foot, with the cleanest and most viable grain spawn.


Empowering Cultivators: Whether you’re experimenting with new strains, scaling up your production, or refining your cultivation technique, our Organic White Sorghum Grain Spawn empowers you to take control of your mushroom cultivation. Perfect for both novices eager to learn and veterans aiming to customize their grows, this product offers the freedom to innovate and perfect your craft.

  • Bio white sorghum grain 94%
  • Gypsum 5%
  • Yeldplus 1%
  • Moisture 50-58 %
  • Ph 5.5 -6.5


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