Your Cultivation, Your Control: Dive into the art of mushroom cultivation with our Basic Grow Kit. Pre-inoculated with top-tier spores from Magic Spore, this kit simplifies the initial steps by providing you with a ready-to-colonize 1,5kg bag of sorghum. Unlike the Automatic Magic Mushroom Grow Kit, the Basic version invites you to create your substrate, offering a hands-on approach to the later stages of growth.


Freedom to Customize: Once the sorghum is fully colonized – typically within 7-10 days – you’re in charge. Choose your cultivation setup, be it a shoebox, a larger tub, or another container of your choice, to transfer the colonized grain. This flexibility allows you to control the environment and substrate composition, tailoring the conditions to your mushrooms’ needs.


Learn and Perfect Your Skills: The Basic Grow Kit is designed for those who wish to deepen their understanding and hone their cultivation skills. We’ve taken care of the sterilization and initial inoculation – the most critical phases – so you can focus on mastering the art of mushroom cultivation.


Grain-to-Grain Transfer Ready: For advanced cultivators looking to expand their grow, our kit is perfect for grain-to-grain transfers, offering a sustainable way to continue your cultivation journey.


The SHITHPN Advantage: Like all our products, the Basic Grow Kit is produced with the highest standards of quality and safety. Pre-inoculated under sterile conditions in our ISO 1000 clean room, using spring water from our uncontaminated well, we ensure the purity and viability of your grow from the start.


Ideal for Every Cultivator: Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the ropes or an experienced grower looking to refine your techniques, the Basic Grow Kit offers a unique opportunity to engage with mushroom cultivation on a deeper level.

  • Bio white sorghum grain 94%
  • Gypsum 5%
  • Yeldplus 1%
  • Moisture 50-58 %
  • Ph 5.5 -6.5


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