Rich and Balanced Nutrition: Unlike substrates that rely on a single source of nutrition, our
Exotic Manure Bulk Substrate combines multiple types of manure to create a balanced and
enriched growing medium. This synergy ensures a richer supply of organic matter, which
enhances microbial activity and soil fertility, leading to healthier and more productive
mushroom crops.

Moist Plus and Yield Plus Formulas: Like our other superior substrates, this product
features our Moist Plus formula, allowing it to retain significantly more water and reduce the
need for frequent misting. Just set your grow environment and forget about daily watering.
The Yield Plus formula is also included, enriching the substrate with essential proteins and a
balanced mix of micro and macro elements that promote robust growth and significantly
larger yields.

Safe and Pasteurized: Each batch of our Exotic Manure Bulk Substrate undergoes rigorous
pasteurization to ensure it is free from harmful pathogens and ready for safe use in
mushroom cultivation. This process also optimizes the nutrient content, making it more
accessible for mushroom mycelium to thrive.

Perfect for Ambitious Cultivators: This substrate is ideal for cultivators looking to take
their production to the next level. Its complex nutrient profile supports vigorous growth and
large yields, making it suitable for both commercial-scale operations and enthusiastic home

Get Ready for Impressive Yields: Prepare to see a noticeable difference in the size and
quality of your mushroom harvests. The Exotic Mix Manure Bulk Substrate promises to
deliver excellent results, backed by the natural power of diverse, high-quality manures.

  • Exotic manure 40%
  • Vermiculite 36%
  • Coco Coir 30%
  • MoistPlus 3%
  • Yeldplus 1%
  • PH 5.5 - 6.5


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