CVG Bulk Substrate: Optimal Environment for Mushroom Growth
Enhance Your Cultivation with CVG: Elevate your mushroom-growing projects with 1kg of
SHTHPN’s CVG Bulk Substrate, a meticulously crafted blend of Coco Coir, Vermiculite, and
Gypsum. Designed for serious cultivators, this substrate provides a supremely hydrated and
pH-balanced medium that’s ready to support robust mushroom growth.

Ideal for Any Spawn: While perfectly compatible with our Organic White Sorghum Grain
Spawn or Organic Rye Grain Spawn, our CVG Bulk Substrate can work wonders with any
fully colonized grain spawn. This flexibility makes it a versatile choice for cultivators looking
to achieve optimal growth conditions.

Moist Plus Formula: Our CVG Bulk Substrate includes a special Moist Plus formula,
enabling it to absorb significantly more water than standard substrates. This feature
eliminates the need for frequent misting, allowing you to simply set up your cultivation and let
the substrate do the work. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily maintenance and hello to

Yield Plus Enhancement: The substrate is not just about providing water. Our unique Yield
Plus formula is infused with essential proteins and a rich mix of micro and macro elements,
all combined to boost your mushrooms’ growth potential and maximize your yield. Expect
larger and healthier crops as a result of our scientifically formulated substrate.

Explore Magic Spore’s Selection: To ensure the best results, visit our partners at Magic Spore Shop for a variety of high-quality spores. Their extensive selection offers everything you need to kickstart your cultivation with confidence.

Sourced From Nature: We use only the finest spring water to moisten our substrate,
ensuring your mushrooms receive the highest quality hydration. Our water source is
strategically located far from buildings and other infrastructures, minimizing any risk of
contamination and maintaining the natural purity of the environment.

Simply Set and Forget: Designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency, our CVG Bulk
Substrate is ideal for cultivators who value both their time and their crops. Prepare your
cultivation area, mix in the colonized spawn, and watch as your mushrooms thrive in an
environment crafted for success.

  • Coco Coir 50%
  • Vermiculite 46%
  • Moistplus 3%
  • Yeldplus 1%


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